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Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law

Reliable Real Estate Attorney in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Whether you're developing land or dealing with commercial litigation, the offices of D. R. Repass, P. A. are at your service. Operated by a skilled real estate attorney in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, our firm provides services for clients who are interested in buying, selling, investing in or developing residential and commercial properties. We offer focused solutions and support for every legal aspect of your deal, including crucial elements like:

• Closing  • Title Work • Transcripts  • Disputes 

Title Work in Ponte Vedra, FL
Closing & Title Work

Title Work in Ponte Vedra, FL
Transactions & Disputes

Background & Education in Ponte Vedra, FL
Experience & Education

What We Offer

Our team helps you stay protected from potential pitfalls and dishonest action, as well as secure the best deal for your long-term success. From making a one-time transaction to safeguarding your rights over the course of extensive litigation, we can help. With our real estate services, you can accomplish critical goals like:

• Setting Clear, Enforceable Obligations

• Resolving Breaches in Established Terms

• Strategizing Effectively for Development

No matter your eventual goal, you can pursue it with confidence when you have the help of an experienced attorney who can give you reliable advice and insight built over years of proven success in the field. That’s exactly what you find at our firm, alongside tailored case support that’s designed to provide the fullest value for you.

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About D. R. Repass, P. A.

Born and raised in sunny Florida, D.R. Repass has a passion for helping his clients. After working for a large law office, D.R. realized that he could provide more affordable, personable service to his clients by striking out on his own. With this goal in mind, he started his private practice focusing on property law.

Inspired by his mission, we go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are met. Every person on our team, including our renowned members Lori Walton and Lisa Sawyer, has the experience necessary to deliver the high caliber of service you deserve. If you're looking for a truly knowledgeable real estate attorney, you've come to the right place.

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